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Should You File For Chapter 7?

It can be confusing, which type of bankruptcy should you file. There are several aspects to consider when making this decision.

Who Chapter 7 Helps

Chapter 7 is a viable path to stopping wage garnishment. Chapter 7 is also good option for people who do not have a steady income. It may also be a wise choice for people facing large credit card debt but who have no mortgage or home or significant land or personal property.

A Word Of Caution About Chapter 7

One word of caution for people considering filing for any type of bankruptcy is to check with your parents and relatives to ensure that you are not named as the property owner. If you are named as the owner of the property and then file for any type of bankruptcy that property can become a target for collectors and may be lost.

Student Loans And Bankruptcy

Do not file for Chapter 7 if the majority of your debt is student loans. Student loans are not dismissed or discharged under any bankruptcy law. The only situation where you may be relieved of student loan debt is if you can prove disability.

Income Tax Debt And Bankruptcy

If you have income tax debt check with a tax adviser to find out if your debt is dischargeable under bankruptcy or not.

Divorce And Bankruptcy

It can be tricky to navigate the waters of bankruptcy while also facing a divorce. Complex cases are best coordinated with an experienced bankruptcy attorney as well as your divorce attorney.

The Guidance And Know-How You Need

No matter what your situation is, attorney Christine Wolk has the experience and know-how to answer your questions, handle your case or lead you to the resources you will need.

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