Do Not Be Tricked By Unsavory Collectors

Unsavory collectors work to trick you into making payments so that they can essentially reactivate your debts. Don't fall for this ploy.

Protecting You From Shady Tactics

Bankruptcy attorney Christine Wolk has dealt with hundreds of creditors over the past 30 years. She knows which tactics are legal and which are not. She also recognizes creditors who attempt to trick unsuspecting people into what is known as "zombie debt."

What Is Zombie Debt?

Zombie debt is uncollectible debt that may have been discharged in bankruptcy. Zombie debt is also debt  in which the legal time during which the debt can be collected, has expired. Scavengers, known as "debt buyers" buy uncollected  debts for a fraction of  the debt's face value and then try to get people to pay them. Usually these debts are beyond the statue of limitations. These are debts for which you cannot be legally sued for because they have essentially "expired." They may not even be yours. The debt collectors know this. They know they cannot legally collect unless the debt becomes active again. So they attempt to trick you into making a payment. Do not do this. Making a payment on a discharged debt or stale debt does not make it go away, it actually restarts the statue of limitations on that loan. This makes the loan collectable and you open yourself up to a lawsuit.

A Seasoned Zombie Killer

After 30 years of bankruptcy work Chris has the tools and knowledge to do to stop these zombie debt collectors. Chris educates you on how to handle collectors. She will:

  • Inform you and clarify your rights
  • Show you how to recognize which debts need to be paid and which are forgiven
  • Deal with the collectors and tell you how to handle any zombie or scavenger debt collectors in the future

The Scary Truth About Debt Scavengers

Debt scavengers may try to get you to pay debts incurred by identity theft or debts that belong to someone with the same or similar name. The collectors often make themselves sound like an attorney or law firm or make promises to leave you alone if you only pay a small amount. Chris will stop these unsavory characters and will aggressively pursue those collectors who overstep the law.

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